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IOOF Sonora is one of the oldest community service organizations in the county, having been established in 1853. IOOF Sonora believes communities should take care of each other, and we provide services to further our original mission to: educate orphans (now current and former foster youth), to take care of the sick and elderly, and to bury the dead, as IOOF was established long before social services programs existed to do so.  

For over 80 years (1853 through the 1930s) the Sonora IOOF was the most active service organization in the community and did so much to help this town prosper and get through its hard times.  Like most service organizations, membership declined post-WWII, and by the 1990s, membership was dangerously low.  Most veteran members were aged and infirm, so there was no one to provide care to the lodge or its cemetery.  By the end of 2010, the lodge had only five active members, the lodge had no income, and was facing closure.  The Sonora Lodge has since undergone major changes, and we've been very excited to give our lodge new life and bring it back to the forefront of service to our community. 


IOOF Sonora believes in solidarity, not charity, and is always looking to partner with businesses that will support our mission and help us bring our business to them in return. 


IOOF Sonora remains committed to the philosophy of taking care of each other and holds fundraisers and events to raise funds to provide those services to the less fortunate in our community.  Look for our Living History Tour and Burns Supper each year!

Just a few of the things IOOF Sonora does for the community:

  • Offers scholarships for youth going entering trades and service professions

  • Provides Living History Tours at its historic cemetery

  • Facilitates clean-up and care days at the cemetery

  • Gathers wraps and delivers the presents for the annual  foster youth holiday party 

  • Offers assistance for foster and economically disadvantaged youth to attend prom, and so much more!

IOOF is an international organization. While our individual lodges focus on projects unique to their communities, all lodges participate in larger global projects as a unit. Information about these projects can be found on the Grand Lodge of California website.


Karen McGettigan, Secretary

Karen McGettigan

Richard Dick Reitz, Treasurer
Richard "Dick" Reitz
Tom Miller, Noble Grand.JPEG
Tom Miller
Noble Grand
Kurt Bryant VICE Grand
Kurt Bryant
VICE Grand
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