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Eddy Plot (Part II)

Final Resting Place for James Eddy, his wife, Helena and his wife's brother John H. Rother and 

his wife, Mathieu C. Rother Row 3, Plot 9

If you remember, last month I investigated the Eddy Plot which had the names of James Eddy and his wife, Helen Rother Eddy.  Helen's last name of Rother rang a bell and I had to meander back to the past again to figure out why there were also markers for John Rother and Mattieu in this Eddy plot on Row 3 plot 9.

It's been a bit warmer this month so I meandered a bit slower and sat under the shade of the tall trees longer to try to understand who Mathieu could be and why John Rother would be in the Eddy plot.  And in the shade of that tall tree answers came.

James Eddy and his wife, Helena Rother Eddy did not have any children and the Eddy line ceased.  Helen had several brothers and sisters and it is within this group that I found John Rother, brother of Helen.  He was born in 1854 in Wisconsin.  Thus the answer to why his marker is buried with his sister's in the Eddy plot.  Many of the other Rothers are buried at the Sonora City Cemetery.

The Rother family was initially from Hamburg, Germany.  Fredric "William" Rother, born in 1809, was a miner in Sonora in the 1860 census.  He married Sophia, 26 years his junior and they had 7 children.  Sophia was born in Bavaria and passed away at the young age of 43 in Sonora.  Fredric died at age 76.

I had thought that Mathieu was an unusual spelling for Matthew but I discovered in the old Census Records that it is a female name, often nicknamed Mattie.  Mathieu was the wife of John Rother and that is naturally why she is put to rest next to her husband.  Mattie was born in Canada in 1866.  She had two children with her husband, John.  James Edwin passed away in 1977 and Lucile married Adam Martin.

Hmm, there is a plot with the name "Martin" on it....I wonder if there could be a connection?  So far I have not found one but I'll keep looking!  Also, next month I hope to have quite and adventurous story of a real "bandit" connection!  The search continues.....

Written by Judi Jones


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