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Adopt-A-Grave Program

On Saturday, May 03 2014 the Sonora Odd Fellows started the countyʼs first Adopt a Grave program for the IOOF cemetery located at 115 West Lytton Street in downtown Sonora. The "Adopt a Grave" program is a volunteer effort to help restore the IOOF Cemetery in Sonora. A person or group can adopt a grave site. There is no limit to the number of graves a person may adopt, nor how many people may be involved in one adoption. Each Adoption comes with an "Adoption Certificate" and a picture of the grave site and the location. Adopting a grave is a promise to visit the grave site periodically and take care of it. In doing so, you will  also help improve the appearance of our Historic Cemetery.

Registration Forms can be downloaded from this website and mailed to;

IOOF Sonora Lodge #10

10 West Dodge Street

Sonora, CA 95372 

Cemetery  Manager: 

Denine Urquhart (209) 533-3326